Support cum reward scheme Tadoba

Support Cum Reward Scheme

Towards long term solutions to the problem of crop damage by wild animals

Crop damage by wild herbivores is a growing concern for agriculture near wildlife parks as well as for fruitful wildlife conservation efforts. Although the farmers suffering from damage are to be compensated by law, there are many hurdles in the implementation of the law. Since the frequency of damage is very high, it is physically impossible to do a panchnama of every instance of damage. There are no methods or guidelines for estimating the damage. The protocol offers opportunities for corruption and farmers are not satisfied with the implementation.

The alternative: NAAM suggested an alternative to the compensation protocol, that of rewarding the farmers in affected areas for agricultural productivity in spite of the threat of damage. The reward or support is calculated as percentage based on the average deficit in the final yield in an agricultural belt of comparable risk. It is given to individual farmers as percentage of their own produce. All data in a given belt is based on self reporting by farmers which is verified by neighboring farmers.

This system is self-operated by the farmer community and no external verification is needed since only honest reporting gives maximum payoff to farmers. For implementing the system the farmers need cooperation and organized behavior.
The expected end result is that a model of cooperative self-organized system is established and demonstrated and the state government would be pursued to adopt the system for state-wide implementation.

The Support-Cum-Reward Scheme (शेतकरी आधार ईनाम योजना) is under trial implementation in two villages near Tadoba Sanctuary.  The scheme is being carried out by senior scientist Dr. Milind Watve and Mrs. Poorva Joshi (Bioconcepts, Pune).
Naam Foundation has supported this scheme by providing compensation to a group of 71 farmers.

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