Corporates can strengthen their CSR programs by partnering with our projects and making a positive impact on the agrarian sector.

Partner For A Project

NAAM works with corporations of all sizes to form impactful partnerships, that help farmers and their families thrive. Partner with us in supporting projects that further a specific cause.
We will provide timely updates about the projects that you adopt.

Payroll Giving

A small amount deducted from the employee’s salaries on pay day, can be sent to
‘NAAM Foundation’ as a consolidated amount every month. Along with being the most popular donation option among corporates, it also makes it easy for employees to support a noble cause. Employees receive a payment summary at the end of the financial year, along with their Tax Exemption Certificates.

Employee Engagement

We value your time, services and expertise. Do visit us with your teams, interact with our beneficiaries and contribute your skills. Employee engagement is a wonderful HR exercise and we guarantee your people a good time!