Aid to suicide-affected

Aid to Suicide-Affected


Families Supported

When a farmer commits suicide, his family is devastated. After the severe drought of 2015, the State of Maharashtra witnessed around 3,000 suicides in a single year. NAAM helped 1,900 women who were left widowed due to farmer suicides. In the first 3 years of its inception, NAAM provided financial aid to 2,715 suicide-affected farmer families across Maharashtra.

Temporary financial aid of Rs.15,000/- was provided to each widow of a farmer who had committed suicide. NAAM believes that while a meagre amount of Rs.15,000 /- is just for immediate relief, this gesture is majorly to provide these families with moral and psychological support, when the family is overcome with agony and grief.

₹71.55 Lakh
₹165.75 Lakh
₹132.9 Lakh
₹37.05 Lakh

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