DistrictAurangabad Village Kutubkheda

DistrictAurangabad Village Kutubkheda

Contract Farming

NAAM collaborated with the Himalaya Drug Company, for empowering farmers in Maharashtra through contract farming. The objective was to promote an alternate livelihood, through the sustainable cultivation of medicinal and herbal plants. Under this pilot project, 13 farmers from Aurangabad district cultivated Tulsi on their farms.

Before planting Tulsi, soil and water testing was done by the Himalaya Drug Company to assess the suitability of the crop growth. The farmers were also provided with appropriate training on land preparation, cultivation, harvesting and packaging. Seeds, packing material and vehicles to transport the material, were also provided.

The collaboration enabled market linkages, ensuring a buy-back of the produce by the company. After understanding the concept, the farmers agreed to try this on half of their land; while cereals were grown on the rest of the land. Around 10 acres of land was brought under Tulsi cultivation during the pilot.

Project Impact

The rural economy and income levels were greatly impacted; with the first yield providing an income range of between Rs.15,440/- to Rs.31,960/- within a span of three months. Many other farmers who witnessed the pilot, are now interested in taking this forward next year on their farms.


Minimum Income / Farmer


Tulsi Harvested

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