Helping The Hands That Feed The Nation

NAAM Foundation is a movement that was spearheaded by Nana Patekar and Makarand Anaspure in September 2015. It was a response to the apathy towards the devastating drought conditions and agonising voices of farmers in Maharashtra

Rapid degeneration of villages in the wake of droughts, increasing farmer suicides and constant water crisis, are the main issues that NAAM finds solutions to. Specifically by educating farmers, restoring balance in the use of stored and ground water, reviving existing canals and abandoned water projects. Many projects have successfully been completed and more are in the pipeline, to help villagers and farmers lead lives of fulfillment and dignity.

NAAM has evolved from being an organisation into a movement, empowering the human spirit by eradicating farmer turmoil. We aim to facilitate development in deprived villages and add happiness to the lives of people across the nation. All our achievements wouldn’t have been possible without help from and support of our patrons, partners and friends.