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Endorsed Villages

NAAM foundation has taken complete responsibility to change the face of following villages by adopting them & make them a model village. Villagers are also working with NAAM foundation closely to bring in sea change in their lives and make it a life changing experience for them. Following projects have been initiated, monitored & progressed by NAAM.

  • 1: Water conservation projects to make villages 100% water sufficient thereby improve economic conditions & standard of living.
  • 2: Garbage & waste water management.
  • 3: Sanitary infrastructure – toilets to all, drainage etc.
  • 4: RO plants for drinking water.
  • 5: Houses for the people below poverty line families.
  • 6: Tree plantation.
  • 7: Village De addiction.
  • 8: Community & group farming.
  • 9: Village cleaning.
  • 10: Education.
  • 11: Employment Generation.
  • 12: Women groups, gram sabha & local committees are formed to monitor progress of the initiatives taken by NAAM.

Following are the name of villages Endorsed by NAAM foundation

  • 1: Dhondalgaon, Aurangabad
  • 2: Kutubkheda, Aurangabad
  • 3: Gogalgaon, Ahmednagar
  • 4: Aamla, Wardha

Group Farming

This is another concept which we plan to introduce in villages Dhondalgao, Zari, Jakhangao, Akoladev, Amla, Loladgaon, Koudar, Kutubkheda, Dadegaon. We are motivating farmers to shift to such practices to reduce the risks and the cost of farming.


Sewing Cluster

A cluster of women in various villages, where they would stitch products which would be then sold under the name of NAAM foundation. total 600 Sewing machines have been distributed in Andhari, Palshi Pirola, Hatti, Beed, Zari, Watwada, Bansarola.