Disaster Relief

Naam Foundation Chara(Fodder) Distribution-2019

Due to drought, drying greenery and water scarcity had hit crop production very hard during the year especially in Marathwada. Due to lack of water, farmers could only manage only half the production in the Kharif season and were not able to sow in the Rabi season. Generally, farmers in the region use the remaining part of millets and maize as fodder for animals. But due to production falling, the rates of fodder had shot up and besides, the availability of fodder was also at a low.

An acute fodder shortage had left drought-hit farmers and livestock very vulnerable. As fodder rates shoot up, farmers who want to sell their animals were also not getting buyers even at lower rates.

Naam foundation came forward and arranged to collect the fodder from western Maharashtra where fodder was surplus and then transported it to Marathwada to save lives of farm animals as these were the only source and support for farmers besides agriculture and for some farmers, the main source of livelihood.

The districts Beed, Ahmednagar and Aurangabad were worst affected and thus the support was provided with 24 truckloads of fodder in these locations as a stop gap arrangement before the government fodder camps started in these locations.

Sr No. District Taluka Village No of Trucks Date
1. Beed Ashti Shindewadi 1 14/01/2019
2. Beed Ashti Pimperkhed 1 14/01/2019
3. Beed Shirur Kasar Dahiwadi 1 14/01/2019
4. Beed Patoda Pargan Ghumara 2 14/01/2019
5. Beed Ashti Dadegaon 1 21/01/2019
6. Beed Ashti Nimgaon Chobha 1 21/01/2019
7. Beed Patoda Amalner 2 21/01/2019
8. Beed Patoda Dhalewadi 1 21/01/2019
9. Beed Beed Pimpergavhan 1 21/01/2019
10. Beed Patoda Underwadi 1 31/01/2019
11. Beed Patoda Nafarwadi 1 31/01/2019
12. Beed Gevrai Takalgavhan 1 31/01/2019
13. Beed Ashti Hivra 1 31/01/2019
14. Beed Beed Pendgaon 1 31/01/2019
15. Beed Beed Narayangad 1 04/02/2019
16. Beed Shirurkasar Shirur 1 04/02/2019
17. Ahmednagar Pathardi Bhose 2 04/02/2019
18. Ahmednagar Pathardi Nivdunge 1 04/02/2019
19. Aurangabad Sillod Lihakhedi 2 14/04/2019
20. Aurangabad Paithan Parundi 1 14/05/2019


Flood Relief Operation (August 2019)

The districts of Kolhapur, Sangli and Satara witnessed severe rainfall in the month of August 2019. Krishna river, the lifeline of south-western Maharashtra wrecked a havoc in the districts it flows through and hundreds of villages in these districts were flooded. Naam Foundation acted immediately and engaged in the following relief operations.

  1. Providing Emergency Relief Material ( Bottled Water, Biscuits, Chips, Blankets, etc).
  2. Distribution of 1000 roofing sheets for 37 families and utensils for 100 families.
  3. 10 trucks Fodder (Chara) and Wood (Fuel) Distribution.
  4. Anna Chatra / Food Shelter for 150 families in Wai (Satara) and 150 families in Miraj (Sangli).
  5. Medical help with a team of doctors, nurses and 2 ambulances.
  6. Rehabilitation : Cleaning with JCB, Tractors and a network of 4000 volunteers.
  7. Distribution of School Uniforms, Accessories and Stationary.

Given the extend of destruction cause by the Western Maharashtra Floods in the districts of Sangli, Kolhapur and Satara Naam Foundation has now decided to take steps to rehabilitate flood-affected victims. The focus has now shifted from rescue to rehabilitation.